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Creative Power of the Flower of Life

By: Marko Tapio Manninen

This is my second book that intends to discover the history of the Flower of Life symbol. Now my main focus is on the interpretation of the symbol and on meanings attached to it throughout the history, starting from the Near East Bronze Age until our days. The reader is expected to be familiar with basics of the Flower of Life geometry. Elementary knowledge of the ancient Near East history and history of mathematics is helpful. Knowledge of visual arts, geometry, and ...

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Ten Thousand Year Old Boats Found on Britain's Hillsides : One of ...

By: Robert John Langdon

Have you ever wondered what civilisation brought the Bluestones 200 miles from Wales to Stonehenge? Or the reason why they undertook this monumental task? Then this book is a must for you. Robert John Langdon takes you back 10,000 years to a time when the last Ice Age melted leaving a series of smaller islands and peninsulas and not the island of Britain we see today. By revising accepted Archaeological, Geological and Topological findings, Langdon has been able to produ...

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” Mahatma Gandhi

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The Soul Bearer

By: Jonathan Cross

A One man's quest for truth, freedom and pure spirituality in a world without.

Beside a riverbed, an old man sits lost in his thoughts; he is SEATTLE, Chief of the Suqamish Indians. He remembers his boyhood when his grandfather foretold him of his destiny, when he was told of the Web Of Life and his duties as it's protector. The Web of Life, they believe, is the symbiotic connection that exists between all living things on Earth; the sacred balance of life. Upon the next day's passing, Seattle signs the Port Eliot treaty relinquishing ownership...

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